Saturday, October 24, 2009

Custom Ski Boots - Daleboot is the Only Ski Boot Made in the U.S.A.

Painful feet drive people out of skiing. Sometimes, the only thing between skiing and quitting is a good ski boot. When a ski boot customer has irregular shaped feet or a foot problem of some sort, the only hope is to try on every manufacturer's ski boot and hope to find a ski boot shell style that best suits their foot problem.

For over 4 decades I've worked with or in the ski industry. As a young 20 something I worked in ski shops for about 10 years, then owned my own ski shop for 10 years during the skiing heyday of the 1980's. Since then I've incorporated ski boot fitting and sales into my custom shoe insert orthotics business. To best serve my customers I only sell one ski boot, the Daleboot.

I've been selling the Daleboot for over 10 years and am extremely satisfied with how they suit my client. Because I'm a Certified Pedorthist, my ski boot customer is often looking for a good fit that might be the difference between continuing to ski or giving up the sport.

Ski boot shells are molded hard plastic. The molds to make them are very expensive for the ski boot manufacturer. So each brand or model of ski-boot is designed for one-style-fits-all.

The ski boot industry has tried to help customers with ski boot fitting by supplying a variety of customizable boot liners and shoe inserts or orthotics. Technicians can then spend time grinding and stretching the shell and hoping for the best.

All of these efforts don't help the ski boot buyer when the performance of the boot is wrong for them even though the fit may eventually be right.

Daleboot is the only domestically manufactured ski boot in the U.S.A. That means that I can easily customize the Daleboot ski boot with help from the factory. Factory involvement is especially important to be able to customize the boot shell.

The entire Daleboot liner is fully formed (not partially, like most other brands) to the entire foot, ankle and lower leg. This feature is amazingly comfortable.

The performance of the Daleboot ski boot is variable with a adjustable forward flex feature to suit all abilities of skiers. The even fit of the boot promotes good blood circulation and consequently the foot remains warm longer than in some other ski boots. If the client is especially sensitive to cold, there is room to install a boot warmer.

People from around the country visit my Footform Orthotics clinic in Bend, Oregon to be fitted and purchase their Daleboots. They can test them on the nearby slopes of Mt. Bachelor and get any needed tweaks before they head home.

Call my office to set your custom ski boot fitting appointment in Bend, Oregon

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