Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sports Pedorthist - Supporting the Athlete and Active Person

A lot of people don't know what a Certified Pedorthist is or does. Pedorthics is a specialty in foot orthotics and shoes. It's often confused with Podiatrist. The difference is that Podiatrists are doctors treating a variety of foot related ailments, including doing minor surgeries and prescribing drugs. Podiatrists also prescribe and provide orthotics. 

The big difference between getting orthotics from a Pedorthist (me), rather than a Podiatrist is that the Pedorthist is a specialist who usually fabricates the orthotic and fits it into shoes. Podiatrists usually send out their orthotics for fabrication. Because of cost and insurance issues, many Podiatrists and Pedorthists are turning to the less effective pre-fabricated, off - the - shelf orthotics.

The majority of Pedorthists across the U.S. focus on the diabetic foot problem. But, there is a small niche in pedorthics called Sports Pedorthists.  Regionally (the Pacific Northwest), I am a widely known Sports Pedorthist, and operate my Footform Performance Orthotics Center in Bend, Oregon. Though I do make orthotics for clients with diabetes and other maladies, my specialty is custom orthotics for the active person with repetitive strain injuries and issues.

Sports Pedorthists have the skills to fit orthotics into specialty athletic shoes, such as ski boot orthotics, skating orthotics, cycling orthotics, running orthotics and golf orthotics. Maybe you're thinking that, "Hey, anybody can put an orthotic in a shoe." Here's the answer. A Sports Pedorthist spends a lot of time analyzing the athletes biomechanics, their sport and their footwear. Fitting the orthotics into the specialty shoe correctly makes a huge positive difference to the athlete's performance and relief of strain.

At Footform Performance Orthotics center, in Bend, Oregon, our foot orthotics price includes 2 one-hour appointments to ensure the best result. 

Bend, Oregon is a vacation area and many of my clients visit Bend for a vacation or to participate in one of the many races and sports events in Bend. They'll get their orthotics while they are here. I have many clients from around the country that will get their foot molds on file with me, then have me mail them duplicate orthotics over the years. 

Call my Footform Sports Orthotics clinic in Bend, Oregon for an appointment, 541-389-4547.

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