Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Orthotics Materials are Enviro-Safe

All of our Footform foot orthotics are artisan made in our labs. That means that not only are the technicians making the foot insoles exposed to the orthotics materials, but that any pollutants present are released into the local area.

In the old days orthotics were made out of a rigid plastic known as rohadur. Rohadur was banned due to it's harmful environmental impact. The substance also lacked shock absorbing properties. Rohadur was old and bad technology.

My Footform orthotics are made from non-toxic polyurethanes and cork (a renewable resource).

Many years ago, before it was cool (in the early 1990's) I developed my current enviro-safe orthotics materials and fabrication process. Here's why: I personally make orthotics and work with the materials, as well as supply colleagues with the visco elastic polymer orthotics supplies so that they can fabricate orthotics. It's important to me that the technicians have a safe working environment. Also, during those years, my wife and baby were in the office during much of the day, and I wanted to ensure their health.  An added plus is that my Footform orthotics last for many years (5 to 10 years) and I am confident that my clients are using a safe product.  

If you're looking for a safe and effective orthotics material, contact me and I will talk with you about my orthotics materials and supplies. I named the product Viscork (TM), and it is packaged for distribution.  

Randall Barna 541-389-4547

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