Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jimmy Choo is Not a Shoe

If you're a fashionista or within the range of one, you know what Jimmy Choo shoes are. They're sexy, stylish, elegant, expensive, glamorous beautiful things a woman can put on her feet. But just because something goes on the foot, doesn't mean it's really a shoe.

And designer footwear brands like Jimmy Choo know it. They are not selling comfort and support. They're selling something else entirely. (Though you may see a flat shoe from those brands as their concession to "comfort", it really isn't as most fashion "flats" don't offer support to the foot.)

So, am I saying you shouldn't wear designer women's shoes? No. Just don't wear them and then act surprised when your feet hurt. Human feet are not shaped to tiny points in the front with 4" heels in the back. Be reasonable. If you must wear designer dress shoes, limit the time you're going to wear them, and have a back-up pair of comfort shoes tucked into your handbag. That way, when your feet hurt, you won't push the pain into a lasting injury by continually wearing the wrong shoes.

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