Sunday, March 2, 2008

Getting Better and Better Feet First

You can improve your body. Your body's base is your feet.

I often have people ask me, "How do I know if I need help with my feet?" My answer is, "If it works don't fix it!" Why bother if you feel great? You need motivation to get better and (for many people) pain is the final motivator. Pain definitely gets your attention. But it's not the only motivator, you have to be interested in change. Then, you have to be willing to change.

Strangely, quite a few people are just fine with being miserable. Whatever their reason, they don't try to change their circumstances and for that reason will stay the same. Keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same result.

If you think you can't change, think again. Change happens, like it or not! You're not the same person you were fifteen years ago. You've changed. Practice good habits. Strive to make your changes positive not negative. Change is hard and breaking bad habits is harder.

So, if you've got some strain or pain and are motivated, interested, and willing to change, I'm happy to share this information with you. I like to use the term better and better because it depicts a dynamic progression. This is a great affirmation for improvement. Next time someone asks how you're doing, just say "better and better".

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