Thursday, July 30, 2009

Know When to Change Heels for Athletic Shoes and You'll Save Your Feet

Wearing dress shoes is OK for special occasions, but remember to keep your athletic shoes in your bag so you can change when you need to save your feet. My wife, Cristina Acosta, took this photo of a woman changing her shoes from heels to Nikes at the entrance to the Little Rock, Arkansas airport.

If you have to walk any significant distances and carry or pull weight (such as luggage or groceries), you'll be putting a lot of stress on your feet and your body. The proper footwear in this situation, a good brand of athletic shoes, enables you to walk better and balance the strain in your body. Not only will you ensure foot comfort, you'll keep your feet healthy and free of injuries.

Note: Footform custom shoe inserts will make most any shoe more comfortable, but there are limits. So, when in doubt, be kind to your feet and change your shoes to comfort footwear. No pain, no complain!

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