Thursday, April 3, 2008

Custom Shoes & Personalized Shoes: What is the Difference?

Custom shoes are not all the same. Cowboy boots are a good example. You can go to a custom boot maker and they'll trace your foot and make a boot. Sure, it's "custom" but it's not enough. People mistake being able to choose the leather colors and trims with the attributes of a comfort fit shoe. The shape of your foot is only a piece of the shoe-fit picture.

A good shoe conforms to the outline of your foot and supports the bio-mechanics of your foot, including:
  1. Structural elements such as rocker-toe, heel counter, heel height.
  2. Medial & lateral support.
  3. Degree & type of shock absorbing cushion.
  4. Compatibility with orthotics.
The solution for most people is a personalized shoe. At Footform Performance, we combine our knowledge with a select grouping of shoes we sell that are hard to find in mainstream shoe outlets. Personalizing involves how your foot is fitted to a shoe, considering the length, width, shims, stretching, grinding and custom orthotics. Our shoe selections offer unique features such as comfort, fit, durability, quality, function and compatibility with orthotics that other brands simply cannot provide. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a personalized fit that will feel like a custom shoe.

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